Babysmile Baby/Kids Electric Toothbrush Replacement Brush Head (Yellow) From 2Years Old

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Product explanation

The petit-bourgeois rainbow is an electric toothbrush for the child who is usable from 0 years old.
With rainbow light & white LED. I can make it a practice of toothbrushing with rainbow light happily. A rainbow light flashes on and off when I push one time of the switch, and lighting and the vibration of the white LED light already begin when I push it once.
16,000 times a minute of sound wave vibration types are vibrating sound wave-type electric toothbrushes.
ECO & reliable design to be cut off automatically in ECO & relief design two minutes.
I cope with life waterproofing of the relief in the life waterproofing washroom. (IPX7 equivalency)
The colouring that I can use properly in the brothers with the identification ring includes it.
[materials] Body ABS, TPE software brush (pattern) ABS, TPE, (hair) Nylon