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$99.99 NZD

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Today, it is a baby shoe that firmly supports the correct walking of a baby from the time you started dango.

Because the toes are a little up, the baby who starts walking also is easy to walk, and as first shoes, you can use it for practicing Tachi and Ann yea.

The hook and loop fastener opens the upper belt, making it easy to wear.
Since it can be adjusted with a hook and loop fastener, it also fits the feet of a baby in Takashi Kai.
Because the bottom is entirely rubber, you can use it not only indoors but also for outdoor walking.

Baby's growth is fast.
Please try to measure the size of your feet frequently with rough estimates of about 3 months, please always choose the shoes of the best size.

* Surface fasteners are velcro straps. ("Velcro tape" is a registered trademark of Kuraray Co., Ltd.)

【Kids Design Award Winning】