Miki house "Miki House" Miki House Kids Design Award Winner"

Miki house "Miki House" Miki House Kids Design Award Winner"



"Kids Design Award Winner"  ★  Miki house Baby Shoes

Miki House × Mizuno collaboration baby shoes who thought carefully the growth of the child's feet appeared! !

M logo and Mizuno's design are points.

Suede-like synthetic leather for toes and heel and surface fasteners. 
Small flower pattern is like a girl and very girly ♪

Speaking of Mizuno's shoes, "growth insoles"! 
· You can walk firmly with your toes! 
- Balanced movement can be done! 
· Protect your foot health and raise it! 
Insole that I thought as a doctor (growth insole) is a feature.

In addition Miki House original four features too! 
● Foot design 
The feet of a child spread out like a fan in the toes, the fingertips spread each time walking. I adopted 
last (foot type) which was designed in such a way as to conform to this fan-shaped foot, and made to have a clearance to the toe which does not hinder the movement of the foot.

● To Spring In 
early childhood, especially when walking out of toe, it is difficult for the toes to rise during walking, and the 
balance is not good so it easily gets damaged or falls. 
By attaching moderate warping to the toes, you can prevent choking.

● Flex Sole If 
you wear shoes that are difficult to turn around, it will cause 
stiffness, strain your bones and muscles, and hinder natural walking. 
The flex sole is 
designed so that the shoes flex flexibly according to the position where the foot bends 
, helping to walk smoothly and encourage the formation of the arch.

● Firmly counter 
Child's legs are still undeveloped, so 
the impact of the landing is large, the heel tends to collapse easily. 
This means that the heel is tilted too far in the interior. 
A large and tough counter secures the heel firmly 
, preventing illegal inside and correctly urges the skeleton of the foot.

● 2E Last design (※ Last is the foot type)

We attach a reflector (reflective tape) to the heel part, 
and we are also considering the safety aspect at sunset and at night.

Shoes with so many features. 
Please try for your child's growth!