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Miki House Luxurious tableware set (baby tableware set)

$109.99 NZD

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It is a cute baby dish set with a pattern.
It is convenient to use microwave oven and dishwasher.
Microwave oven / dishwasher Dishes that can be used are also greatly saved by mothers who are busy raising children.
(There are parts that can not be used with microwave oven and dishwasher, so please check the instruction manual.)

<Mug set>
About 5 months ~ use spout mouth,
For around 8 months ~ can be replaced with a straw mouth.
"About straw mag"
Pressing the push button opens the straw hood a little.
At that time, the air hole opens, adjusting the internal pressure of the main body, preventing the drink's speech. After that, please open it to the back by hand.

(※ This product is not easy to leak, but it is not completely sealed.Please fill in contents, if you carry it with diagonal / sideways / inverted it may leak due to various conditions.)
* There is a little play (margin to move smoothly) in the handle part. This is to prevent the parts from being damaged by falling etc., so it is not a malfunction.
※ Baby Mug (nipple type) is not included in the mug set of this product. Also, it can not be purchased separately for Baby Mag.

[After you can eat solid side dishes from baby food]
<Step 1>
From about 5 and 6 months.
Let's take a baby that you can not eat by myself, using Masher, with your feeding spoon.
There are two fast food containers to store baby food, and a food container that can be stored in a refrigerator or can be carried out for a while.
<Step 2>
From about 12 months.
When you are ready to eat solid side dishes, serve nutrition well in the lunch plate. Let's start with lunch stays and practice eating yourself.

Entering a cute box, we have plenty of assortment, and this price is quite profitable.
It is recommended as a baby celebration.

(* Masher is the one you use when you crush the food.Please avoid using it on a mortar or mesh, as it will cause abrasion on the surface.)