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Miki House Batting lining winter pants - Bunny

Miki House Batting lining winter pants - Bunny

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Miki House Batting lining winter pants - Bunny

It is fluffy winter pants with cotton inside.
Pucci and Usa This face is cute and has impact.

For batting, we use a material called thermolite.
Thermolite has a unique fiber structure with pores in one fiber.
It is a hollow fiber like a thermos bottle, it is blocked with air taken in, keeping warmth without escaping warmed heat.

The waist is easy to wear with the total rubber of the rib specification, with a rubber change hall.
The lining is made of brushed material like fleece, even when you put your feet soft comfort.
Each hem lining is a star pattern and a dot pattern, and even if it folds back to size adjustment is cute.

The nylon-Ox material of the outer material is strong and prevents the invasion of a bit of snow and wind.
It's hard to wear with soft texture, and wearing comfort is also comfortable.

Convenient cold weather pants that also combine wind protection.
It is perfect for going out on cold weather and playing outside.

Please experience the slightly warm warmth that the thermolite does not steam.

* Thermolite (THERMOLITER) is a trademark of INVISTA Corporation.
· Even with light weight, it exerts heat retention
· Durability superior functionality Insulation material
· Keep warmth long