Miki House (MIKIHOUSE) Fleece Duffle Coat - Red

Miki House (MIKIHOUSE) Fleece Duffle Coat - Red

$279.99 NZD

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【MIKI HOUSE Traditional style】

It is a simple and cute duffle coat of fleece material.

It is considerably lighter than ordinary wool duffle coat.
Feeling soft on a solid fabric is very soft.
It is glad that the fleece is easy to handle even after all it does.

The lining is a plaid
It makes me want to show him casually.
It's GOOD glancing carefully from the hood.

Pocket lid and sleeve buttons
Walnut of leather It is stylish being embossed in the button style.

The loop stopper on the left side of the sleeve has a synthetic leather tag
There is a casual "MIKIHOUSE" logo.

It is also recommended for winter daily use as well as for school attendance and school attendance.