Miki House mikihouse Toe Guard ☆ Double Russell Baby Sandal

$179.99 NZD


Miki House mikihouse  Toe Guard ☆ Double Russell Baby Sandal

Every year popular! ! It is a baby sandal of double Russell material ☆

In addition to the time to sweat more than usual, children's feet sweat more than adults, so you need shoes with superior breathability!

* The number of sweat glands on the baby's foot is the same as for adults. 
The baby 's foot has a high density of sweat glands versus the area of ​​the sole of the foot, so it can be said that it is easy to sweat accordingly.

double Russell mesh material which made the mesh material which is said to have excellent breathability into a double stereoscopic structure is superior in breathability and quick-drying of preeminent!

Since it is doubled and the three-dimensional fiber in the inside is hollow, there is 
also elasticity and cushioning properties that are good enough so that the impact when you hit it will also be reduced!

Also, since the three-dimensional fiber makes a layer of air, it releases heat and moisture smoothly, so it is hard to stuff!

It is perfect for summer because it is easy to dry even if wet with water! 
There is a toe-guard that the toe does not jump out running around!

Very soft double russell and outstanding breathability ◎ Because 
the part of the fingertip of the foot is slightly curved, there is no worry of rubbing your finger even if you play well! !

The two insteps of the instep and the ankle can be fully opened with the hook and loop fastener, it is very easy to wear, and it fits tightly to the feet so you can play full of energy. 
At the end of the upper belt, Putti · Usa This mark is attached.

Also fashionable even with the insole also with the pattern ♪ Battle of summer feet this! 
◎ convenient for a bit of summer outdoor ◎ It is perfect for outdoor style ◎ of course