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Miki House Vintage wash processed pants - Navy

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Size: 100cm
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Miki House Vintage wash processed pants - Navy

It is a sweat pants subjected to wash processing to give out the natural color fading and texture of vintage taste. 
I made a fancy process that you can enjoy the taste as you bite it. 

The twill motif of B creates an atmosphere of old clothes like fraying and color shifting, leaving the fabric uncut. 
From the thighs to the knees, the threading per buttocks and damaged damage processing is giving out a very good taste. 
If double B, I designed it impressively with sweat pants with a sense of vintage. 

Waist with rubber specification, rubber replacement hall. 
Rubber is comfortably in the hem, finished in fashionable sweat pants. 

※ This product is subjected to discoloration and damage processing by wash processing. 
(It looks like old clothes that seems to have faded due to washing.) 
Further washing can cause further fraying and peeling of embroidery, peeling, cracking of prints, fuzz in the fabric, etc. However, only this product Please enjoy the unique texture of old clothes.