Miki House

Miki House & Mizuno DB baby second shoes

$129.99 NZD

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"Miki House × Mizuno" popular collaboration second shoes that carefully considered the growth of children's feet.
Recommended shoes that combines excellent design and functionality.

· "Three foot sole arch support" and "Heel cup shape" features a three-dimensional insole that allows you to walk firmly using your fingers as a barefoot sense.
- With a "toe size fitting color" with an understanding of the proper size estimate.
(Please remove the insoles and put your child's feet and check it)
- Reflector (reflective tape) is attached to the heel part.

【Features of growing insole】
· You can walk firmly with your toes
· It is possible to perform well-balanced movements
· Foster health by protecting your feet
Speaking of Mizuno's shoes, "Insole" is an insole I thought with a doctor.

※ Because this shoe has a moderate hardness and shock absorbing properties, it has a structure to fit the feet, so the feeling of comfort differs from other classic baby shoes of Takashi Koharu design.
(Because there is perfect fit, there are oppressive feeling and there are children who feel cramped)