Miki House Petit First Baby Shoes - Navy Blue


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Miki House Petit First Baby Shoes - Navy Blue

It is a very cute first shoe with a Petite embroidery on the back belt. 
Baby shoes that support the correct walking of the baby from the time of beginning ranch. 

The toes are slightly raised, so it's easy to walk your baby and you can use it as a first shoe to practice Tataya Anno. 

The back belt is opened with a hook-and-loop fastener and is easy to put on. 
Because it can be adjusted with a zipper, it will fit on the baby's feet with high heels. 

It is also fun that the belt embroidery is different. 
It also helps to keep your child aware of the right and left. 

The baby's growth is fast. Please 
keep in mind to measure the size of your feet carefully on the 
basis of about three months , please always choose the best size shoes. 

It is a perfect first shoes for your baby.