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Miki House

Miki House Petit & usako eating spill catch! Three-dimensional lunchstay - Pink


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With reference to Mom's voice ...
Very useful lunch sty appeared.

In order to catch eating spill, three-dimensional pocketI can make it.
Moreover, it can be carried, so you can enjoy your favorite lunch style at home or outside.

Through the hole part of the sty, stopping with the button is the completion of the simple tray.
Easy to install and mama is also a great aid specification.

Lunch stays of hard materials, many babies disliked.
Sty's material does not hurt even when hitting the neck or body, soft soft resin is used.

A type that is light in comfort.
Please use with clearance so as not to overtighten the neck.

I want to eat lively and full of energy! With the baby's feeling that,
Mom's feeling that I'm happy if cleaning and cleaning are lucky.
It is a convenient dining sty which combines both.

Baby food, meal time seems to be more fun?