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Miki House

Miki House Pucci & Lapis style with eagle tray - Pink


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Putie and Usa This face is cute ♪ It is a very convenient meal stay ☆ Excellent which can catch the spill of eating at the pocket of the tray! ! The surface is made of resin-processed material like vinyl, it is difficult to attach dirt and convenient ♪ You can easily detach it with a hook and loop fastener on the shoulder side. A pocket part like a saucer can be easily detached with a hook button and can be washed. Thanks to the saucer, Mama is greatly appreciated! Children can have fun to eat alone alone ◎ smiling face unexpectedly even with pretty face motif ♪ Lunch stays where you can not wait for meal time. Even if it is a gift you will be pleased ☆
* Surface fasteners are velcro straps. ("Velcro tape" is a registered trademark of Kuraray Co., Ltd.)