Miki House Pucci & Osako Chest back belt backpack -Pink

Miki House Pucci & Osako Chest back belt backpack -Pink

$99.99 NZD

It is a light and simple 4 liter backpack.
Pucci and pocket of the pocket This point is very cute and there is impact.

With a removable chest belt, the shoulder belt you care is not misaligned.
Since the inside of the backpack and the shoulder belt has become a mesh, you can spend it comfortably.
Bears and heart shaped stitches are included in the back rest.

The main body is double zipper and opening and closing are also Rakuchin.
The pull part of the fastener is easy to hold specifications.
Although it is small, it is quite a full-blown thing.

A pocket with zipper on the outside.
Mesh pockets on both sides.
Opening the inside, with a large partition pocket on the inside.
Since it has a box lunch holder on the bottom, it will be useful at excursion.

Reflector (reflective tape) is attached to shoulder belt (square) and back pocket (line)
We also consider safety aspects when using it at nightfall or at night.

It also has good lightness and size for nursery school and kindergarten excursion.