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Miki House Second baby shoes -Navy Blue

Miki House Second baby shoes -Navy Blue


Children's leg growth is very important.
We pray for the child's healthy growth, and we are working on making shoes with full heart at Miki House.
There are several points in how to choose shoes that were right for you.
If you are worried, please check the point of shoes picking from here once before buying.

【MIKI HOUSE second shoes】
As you can walk, activities such as running and jumping will become more active.
The arch will start to form and the range of action will also expand.
For these shoes it is necessary to support proper walking and to promote growth while protecting.

Second shoes of Miki House popular in simplicity.
It opens widely with a thick upper belt, it can be adjusted with a hook and loop fastener, so it is also recommended for children of Takashi Kai.

The inside is pleasant to the touch, the velor part has cushioning properties, soft, so the feet are light.

Both shoes that are fulfilling in functionality and design are run and fly,
It is perfect for supporting your feet that made it possible to walk steadily.