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Miki House

Miki House Tableware set convenient for baby food (dish set)


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It is a crisp and colorful tableware set of cute animals.
Very convenient dishes set corresponding to microwave oven / dishwasher dryer.
Microwave ovens and dishwashers The tableware that can be used is a daily necessity that is busy with raising children.
(Microwave dishwasher There are unusable parts so please check the instruction manual.)

A new "Koshi net" is added to the baby food set.
Both fruit juice, grater and mortar will be useful for babies starting baby food.
Mortar is convenient because slip is attached to the bottom.
Furthermore, "food container" was added, it became convenient when you want to save.

Let's start practicing eating yourself with a spoon and a fork from a rice bowl.
The feeding spoon is shallow and can eat without leaving.
It is recommended as a baby celebration.