Miki House

Miki House With a chest belt! Pucchi & Usako Mini Luc - Ivory

$69.99 NZD

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It is a backpack with a convenient chest belt.

Even if you carry it, the shoulder belt does not come off so it is very handy.
The shoulder belt has cushioning properties, and is also comfortable to wear.

It is also attractive that it is very light with nylon material.
Pucci and rabbit This full pattern print is adorable and perfect for small children.

Outside has zipped pocket.
Since the main body opens wide with a double-opening fastener, it is easy to put the luggage.

Since the back rest is a mesh, it has good ventilation and you can carry it comfortably.
In the mesh part of its back rest, there are Petit and Usa this stitch respectively.

It is about time my backpack is recommended for children thinking.