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Old Soles Ruffle Baby Powder Pink

Old Soles Ruffle Baby Powder Pink

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Old Soles Ruffle Baby Powder Pink


La Petite Boudoir stocks a huge range of Old Soles Shoes.

From birth through the first year of life or so, babies’ feet are quite different from adult feet.

They are wider and fatter, while their bones are undeveloped.

Soft, pliable shoes protect their fragile feet and give them unrestricted movement as they learn to sit up and crawl.

Little Feet, Big Fashion 

From street culture to catwalks, Old Soles’ team of industry veterans harvests cultural influences from around the globe, transforming them into luxurious fashion for children’s footwear. Designed in Australia since 2008, Old Soles uses only the finest materials, chicest embellishments and richest color schemes to bring a fresh assortment of function and style to its exciting collections.

Team Spirit

At Old Soles, health and happiness of its employees and customers are always priorities. Maintaining a close relationship with factories and suppliers, the brand prides itself on safe products manufactured in safe workplaces.


Made with Love

 Crafted by parents for parents, every style is literally tested by the team’s families and loved ones. This guarantees a personal connection to each product and yields honest feedback for superior results every step of the way.

Old Soles Size Chart:

22 5 6 15
23 6 7 15.5
24 7 8 16
25 8 9 16.5
26 9 9.5 17
27 9.5 10 17.5
28 10 11 19
29 11 12 19.5
30 12 13 20
31 12.5 13.5 20.5
32 13 1 21
33 1 1.5 21.5
34 2 2.5 22

*length of sole of shoe