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A fantastic 23 piece starter set introducing children to the magic of magnetism in a fun and safe way.

This fascinating set contains coloured magnetic rods and balls to build fun shapes and structures. The oversized tactile pieces offer an array of exploring and connecting possibilities that stimulate the creativity of growing young minds.The cold coloured bars (green & blue) have North poles and the warm coloured bars (red & yellow) have South poles. All bars with a cold colour can be connected to all bars with a warm colour whilst the eight balls are attracted by all the bars, regardless of their colour or size. Use the colourful guide to build the sample structures or just let the magnets do the talking to create weird and wonderful shapes.The attraction of magnets is simply irrestible!

- Colourful and safe magnetic construction toys for young children -

SmartMax® stimulates:

 hand-eye coordination

 logical thinking

 colour recognition

 form recognition in 2D & 3D

 playing together