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Tip Toey Joey Mary Jeans Cute


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Meet the new Tiny, the extra soft leather shoes for newborns. A really thin sole promote the fundamental sensorial incentives for the healthy development of babies from 0 to 9 months. Leather upper and cotton lining, with the FreetoGrow™ design to keep the toes free and alow them to move naturally.


•Original Stretch&Stay™ gently embraces the little foot, making sure the shoes stay on. •Extra soft natural leather manufactured under the REACH international standards. •100% soft cotton lining. •The velcro closure makes it adjustable and easy to put on. •The sole silkscreen is water based and solventless. •Leather sole, ThintoFeel™ with the ideal thickness, no heels or elevation, to promote the sensational incentives babies need for their healthy development. •FreetoGrow™ roomy design promote the toes' natural movements of curling and stretching (Patent Pending).


Tiny is delicate as a baby skin. To clean it, use a damp cloth or cotton and mild soap. Do not use water. Do not put in the washing machine. Dry in the shade.