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Miki House

Miki House Petit & Usago stainless steel bottle (water bottle) (500 ml) - Blue


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Pucci and rice This is a stainless steel water bottle (mago bottle). Slim and compact design with 500 ml capacity.
A convenient stainless steel bottle that can keep heat and cool. (Water bottle) Directly drink, 2 Way type which can selectively use the cup according to the application.

One-touch open with lightweight design.
Even children are poured easily. (Heat insulation / refrigeration dual use) We set a 3.6 cm wide bore into which ice enters.
Direct drinking is only for cold drinks. Please do not drink it with hot things. (Please note burns in the mouth.)

For hygienic use, please clean the packing properly.
After washing, dry it and install it according to the instruction manual.