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Miki House Pucchi & Usako Mini Luc - Yellow


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Miki House Pucchi & Usako Mini Luc - Yellow

A big Rabbit is a baby backpack with impact on denim material.
The overall pink stitching is very accented.

The ribbon in the pocket is also a girl-like pink background with a white dot pattern and the back fabric of the lid.
A big ribbon This ribbon at the ear uses vivid lameless threads.
The lid can be opened and closed with a Velcro, and the opening is made of rubber, so it is easy to put in and out even for small children.

Since rubber is squeezing a little, there is no worry that contents will come out.
Slightly cushioned shoulder straps can be adjusted.

Children from 1 to 2 years old are putting in diapers, stuffs, a little sweets and so on, it is just right to carry around.
Just getting on a small back and getting it.